52 Ancestors 2015 #25: The Old Homestead

Week 25 (June 18-24) – The Old Homestead: Have you visited an ancestral home? Do you have photos of an old family house? Do you have homesteading ancestors?

I have several photos of my ancestor’s homes – some I’ve visited, one I’ve lived in and all I find fascinating.

The upper settlement house – turns out this was built on land that was owned by my 4th  great-grandfather, Samuel Melville Hawkins. My great-grandmother grew up here – and when I was a child, her brother, my Uncle Ken and his wife, Mary  (Roberts) owned the house.  Located in Wesley, Washington County, Maine.

Upper Settlement House where Carrie & John lived and all their children were born.

Upper Settlement House where Carrie & John lived and some of their children were born.

This is the townhouse (as it looks today) where my 3rd great-grandfather, George Gerhard Graff and his wife, Catherine, lived in the late 1800’s in Baltimore, Maryland.

When Catherine died, her daughter Catherine “Kate” and husband Henry Dietz and children lived there.

1679 Darley Ave

1679 Darley Ave

This is my Uncle Marc, outside the house on Cook Hill Rd, Danielson, Connecticut, that my grandfather, Edward Graff, built. My mom and her siblings grew up here and I spent many holidays and visits here.

Marc at Cook Hill Road cir. 1956-57

Marc at Cook Hill Road cir. 1956-57


This is the house my 2nd great-grandfather, Louis Fremont Lougee, lived in from around 1910 to his death in 1924. It is in New London, Connecticut

475 Williams St New London CT

475 Williams St New London CT

This is the farmhouse my Reynolds ancestors lived in after they left Maine for Connecticut. My family lived here for a while when I was a small child – I have fond memories of playing on that porch on rainy summer days.

Frontage Road

Frontage Road


So, those are the most recent ones – but there are others. Like this one:

The Eldredge farm house, cir 1890, in Willington, Connecticut. This is where my 3rd great-grandfather, Elijah Eldredge raised his family.

Eldredge house cir 1890

Eldredge house cir 1890

I’ve been told this is the farmhouse that William Hunt Eldredge, his wife Adelaide Francis Holt Eldredge and their children lived in. This is where Willard Holt Eldredge (my gr-grandfather) was raised.

Eldredge Farmhouse today

Eldredge Farmhouse -Willington, CT

This is the Harlow House on Sandwich St, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, built and settled in by my 10th great-grandfather, William Harlow. It is where he raised his family, including my 9th great-grandmother, Rebeckah Harlow Cushman.  This house also has the distinction of having some of the wood and beams from the old pilgrim fort used in its construction.

Harlow House

Harlow House

The house below is called the “Zoeth Howland House” located on Silverbrook Farm, Chase Road, in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Zoeth Howland was my 8th great-grandfather and he raised my 7th great-grandmother, Mary Howland Freeman here. The house, as it looks now, was built around parts of the original house by Zoeth’s son, Henry, in 1718.

Zoeth Howland House - Silverbrook Farm - Chase Rd - Dartmouth MA

Zoeth Howland House – Silverbrook Farm – Chase Rd – Dartmouth MA

This is the Tyler home on Witch Hollow Farm in Boxford, Massachusetts. It was built in 1690 by my 11th great-grandfather, Job Tyler and where he raised his family, including my 10th great-grandfather, Samuel Tyler.

Tyler home - Witch Hollow Farm

Tyler home – Witch Hollow Farm

And last, but not least, the Edward Wilder House in Hingham, Massachusetts. Built in 1650 by my 8th & 9th great-grandfather, Edward Wilder. I am tied to Edward three times – he’s my 8th great-grandfather twice and 9th great-grandfather once.  Look up the post on Edward Wilder (52 Ancestors #28 2014) to get the details.

Edward Wilder 1650 Hingham home - rear yard once front door Edward Wilder 1650 Hingham MA - front Edward Wilder House 597 Main Hingham 14

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3 Responses to 52 Ancestors 2015 #25: The Old Homestead

  1. Vickie Meyers says:

    I’ve just had a “small world” moment. I work in an insurance agency in Groton, CT and on my lunch hour today I followed the link to read some of the “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” postings. As I scrolled through your photos of your family homes I was stunned to see one that I had just prepared the insurance renewal for this morning! Our agency insures 475 Williams St, New London for the current owner, and I had been reviewing the coverage and emailing the owner less than an hour ago. That feels like a bit more than a coincidence to me. I enjoyed reading your post.

    • kessara says:

      Wow, that’s really cool. Thanks for sharing that, Vickie! Maybe you can tell me how old the house is?

      • Vickie Meyers says:

        The information we have in the file is that it was built in 1910, so your ancestor may have been the original owner. I assume it was originally a one family home, but it’s now been divided into 4 apartments. It’s right near the US Coast Guard Academy. I’ve got to say that this experience tops my life list of coincidences so far.

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