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  1. Wonderful post! I blog at Digging Down East. There is also a New England Geneabloggers Group, if you’re interested. — Pam

  2. texas96816 says:

    This brought back so many memories and many of the stories your Dad and Mom had told me. He also taught me many things and I really needed to know at that stage of my life. I will always treasure the many conversations we had. His love for family and of God inspired me in my own life.. He was a giant of a man in so many ways and the adventures he took me on with the family are precious from quahaug gathering to a revival, trips to the lake, the many dinners driving me back to Foster, Coventry and one time to N. Kingston. Love and friendship is what I remember. I cannot begin to describe the positive impact the family had on me at that time in 1960 and the following years and the friendship that continues to this day.
    If I could figure out how to download this family posting and keep it i would.

  3. Susan Hedges says:

    Hello, the Eldreds in England are my grandfathers, starting with John in 1419. My question is, how do you know the name of his wife as Joan? I’ve not been able to find the source of that information and would really appreciate your input. Thanks.
    Susan Tucker Hedges
    Daughter of Betty Ann Eldred Tucker

    • T.K. Eldridge says:

      Suffolk, England, Extracted Parish Records had her name listed with his Burial and Subsidy Return records. No maiden name though.

  4. Patricia (Casey) Shepherd says:

    In response to “52 Ancestors 2015 #13 Job Tyler – Described as “evil incarnate” posted on 28 March 2015 by T.K. Eldridge regarding the genealogical list at the bottom, did Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920-2003) have children? If so, we are 11th cousins as I am descended through Moses Tyler (1642-1727), Samuel Tyler’s (1655-1695) brother.

    • T.K. Eldridge says:

      Yes, Helen Reynolds Graff is my maternal grandmother – nice to meet you, cousin!
      I don’t usually list the living, hence why I stopped there.

  5. Charles V. ELDRIDGE says:

    Hello from Nova Scotia. I was looking up my ancestor, Robert Eldred of Barnstable, and noticed your blog. I believe Robert was related to your Eldred ancestor. Elishama Eldridge came to Yarmouth Nova Scotia in 1761, who is the first of my Canadian ancestors.

  6. Madison Smith says:

    I am also related to Sarah “Sally” (Hunt) Eldredge she is my 7th great grandmother and I know about how the original house bunt to the ground and they had to build another and I k is that the barns that Elijah built are still standing today.

  7. Faith says:

    I am descended from Jeffrey Parsons. My mother’s maiden name was Parsons. Just discovered your blog and am looking forward to browsing the posts.

  8. Lynnette says:

    Think we may be linked by Sarah Tewksbury and Thomas Pendelton Jr. ?
    Sarah & Thomas Jr. being my 5th Great grandparents.

    4th -Thomas Pendleton III & Mary Stewart
    3rd – Sarah Pendelton & Samuel Hooper
    2nd – Drucilla Hooper & Elisha Leavitt
    1st – Alfred E. Leavitt & (cousin) Mary Elizabeth Leavitt

    • T.K. Eldridge says:

      They’re my 6th great grandparents.
      Thomas Pendleton Jr. (1746 – 1812) & Sarah Tewksbury
      Tewksbury Pendleton (1787 – 1826) & Sylvia Ewell
      Mary Pendleton (1813 – 1892) & Henry Hooper
      Andrew John Hooper (1835 – 1900) & Mary Abigail Blyather/Blyther
      Laura Emma Hooper (1858 – 1935) & Edgar Bliss Reynolds
      Harry Nelson Reynolds (1896 – 1963) & Hazel Pearl Roberts
      Helen Adalaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003) & Edward Dewey Graff (maternal grandparents)

  9. Stephanie says:

    Hello, Fantastic genealogy site you have created! Do you have an online tree of your Eldridge line that I could look at? I am curious if there is a connection- My Eldridge line has been in Boston through the 1800s.

    • T.K. Eldridge says:

      I have a public tree under kessgen at gmail dot com/Kessa Eldridge on Ancestry – but if you share a few of your ancestors I can tell you if we’re related.

  10. Lori says:

    It looks like we might be related through David Reynolds, and I read with interest his Revolutionary War documents on your blog. I’m descended from Samuel Reynolds, born abt 1774 Horseneck, CT (mother Hannah) which appears to be a child from David’s first marriage. I’m wondering how you were able to connect the David married Hannah and later married Rebecca as the same individual? My Samuel also lists siblings Rhoda, Issac, Henry and Reuben.

    • T.K. Eldridge says:

      Hey Lori – honestly? It was, at the time, a ‘logical assumption’ – based on where he enlisted, family names, etc. However, I’ve been doing a ton more research on this and I’m not 100% sure he is the same one – so I’ve refrained from changing/editing this post until I have more information.

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