52 Ancestors 2018: #8 Heirloom

“An heirloom doesn’t have to be expensive to be valuable. What heirloom is special in your family?”

I am blessed to have many! My great-grandmother’s silver – complete with baby spoons and salt and pepper shakers; my mother’s crystal from Japan; china teacups from my deceased friend Donald as well as from my grandmother & great-grandmother – a spinning wheel that was my great-great-grandma’s; a trunk that belonged to my great-grand-uncle; bits of jewelry that were my great-grandmother’s and grandmother’s – and a hall tree that was a wedding gift to my great-grandparents.

Carrie’s spinning wheel 2015

Carpenter Trunk closed 2015

Carpenter trunk open 2015

Reynolds Hall Tree 2008

One precious thing that I don’t often talk about is the cookbook my Mom gave me – that my great-grandma put together for her as a wedding gift. It tells you how to set a table, 1950’s style – how to cook everything from a jello salad to opossum – and there are slips of recipes from the back of baking boxes, cut out of newspapers – and the random dried flower pressed in waxed paper. I absolutely love this!

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