Zenas Wilder: Revolutionary War Veteran – 5th Great Grandfather

Zenas Wilder, my 5th great-grandfather, was born to Theophilus Wilder and Mary Hersey in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Zenas served as a private in Captain Enoch Whiton’s company, Col. Benjamin Lincoln’s regiment, which assembled April 19, 1775; service three days. Also served in Captain Pyam Cushing’s company, Col. Solomon Lovell’s regiment; company assembled at Dorchester, March 4, 1776.

Various notes have him serving in companies commanded by Lieutenant Jabez Wilder, Col. Lothrop’s company in Hull, marched to Horse Neck under command of Col. McIntosh – all from “Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. War.”
Info also available in “Book of the Wilders” by Rev. Moses H. Wilder, 1878.

On May 19, 1780, he married Bethsheba Wilder in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts – his cousin. They shared common great-grandparents in Edward and Elizabeth (Eames) Wilder.
Zenas descended from Edward’s son Jabez, to Jabez’s son Theophilus who married Mary Hersey, while Bethsheba descended from Edward’s son John to John’s son Isaac who married Bethsheba Damon.

Together, they had nine children: Zenas (1781-1867), Bathsheba (1783-1867), Tamar (1784-1825), Theophilus (my 4th gr.grandfather) (1787-1865), Pyam (1789-?), Lydia (1791-?), Mary (1794-1841), Eunice (1796-1823), Ephraim (1798-1834).

In 1800, the Federal Census lists them in Township 2, Washington County, Maine. The 1810 Federal Census lists them in Plantation 2, Washington County, Maine. Plantation 2 eventually became Dennysville, Washington County, Maine.

He died August 24, 1833 in Dennysville, Washington, Maine.

His house apparently still stands.
Wilder House, Zenas
Keywords: Architecture

Description: One of the first frame houses in Dennysville. Zenas Wilder, a Revolutionary veteran, built his house on the hill overlooking the mill pond. The house has been continuously occupied for over 200 years by his descendants. Although it has been enlarged and remodeled, the original section is intact.
Location: The only house off the left side of Cemetery Rd. Dennysville
Open to the Public?: No

I couldn’t find a photo of the house yet – but here is one of the mill and mill pond in Dennysville.

Mill and mill pond in Dennysville Maine

Mill and mill pond in Dennysville Maine

Zenas Wilder (1749 – 1833) 5th great-grandfather
Mary Ann Wilder (1828 – 1905) daughter of Theophilus Wilder
John Milton Roberts (1858 – 1939) son of Mary Ann Wilder
Hazel Pearl Roberts (1900 – 1990) daughter of John Milton Roberts
Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003) daughter of Hazel Pearl Roberts

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  1. Natalie says:

    It is now my mission to find this house! 🙂

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