52 Ancestors 2015 #46: Changes

Week 46 (November 12-18) – Changes. Highlight an ancestor that went through many changes or that you had to change your research strategies to find.

Sarah Allerton, my 11th great-grandmother, was born in 1588 in North Andrew Parish, London, England to Sir Edward Robert Allerton and Lady Rose Davys. One of their six children, two girls and four boys, Sarah was raised in the nobility of London.

She left England with her husband John Vincent, whom she married in London, joining the Puritans. He died in Holland. At the age of twenty-three on November 4, 1611 she married Degory Priest in Leyden, Holland.

A daughter, Mary Priest, was born in 1613, followed by Sarah in 1615 in Leyden. In 1620, Degory arrived in Plymouth Colony on the Mayflower. Degory died in January 1621, leaving Sarah a widow yet again with two young daughters. While still back in Leyden, Sarah married Godbert Godbertson in 1622.

Sarah and Godbert arrived in Plymouth in 1623 on the Ann, but they both died in 1633 and were buried in Plymouth. Her daughter Sarah (My 10th great-grandmother) married John Coombs in 1631 and her daughter Mary married Phineas Pratt around 1630.

Imagine the change that Sarah went through – from nobility in a metropolitan city like London to Holland, then to the rough wilderness of the Plymouth colony. Married three times and widowed twice, she suffered heartache and loss in her attempts to make a new life for herself.


Sarah Allerton (1588 – 1633) 11th great-grandmother
Sarah Priest (1615 – 1658) daughter of Sarah Allerton
Francis Coombs (1635 – 1682)   son of Sarah Priest
Lydia Coombs (1679 – 1735)   daughter of Francis Coombs
Hannah Miller (1766 – 1830)daughter of Francis Miller Captain, Sr.
Fannie Foss (1805 – )daughter of Hannah Miller
John Milton Roberts (1858 – 1939)son of Hiram Hills Roberts
Hazel Pearl Roberts (1900 – 1990)daughter of John Milton Roberts
Helen Adalaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003)daughter of Hazel Pearl Roberts

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