52 Ancestors 2015 #43: OOPS!

Week 43 (October 22-28) – Oops. An ancestor who made an “oops,” or one that you made while researching one of them. (We’ve all done it, believe me!)

There was a family story about how an ancestor had robbed a Civil War pay train and escaped to Canada. I still don’t know for sure if he did steal money – but he did go AWOL before his second deployment in the Civil War and went home because his father had just died. To avoid capture and imprisonment, he went back and forth over the US/Canada border between Calais, Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. He later received a Congressional pardon. This was Ephraim Weston Reynolds , my third great-grandfather.

When it comes to research ‘oops’ – the one that comes to mind is when I was trying to find the parents of Abigail Branch – Abigail Tucker and Moses Branch are not her parents. MY Abigail Branch was born in Canada, not Connecticut. She is often confused with the Abigail Branch born in CT who died in CT.


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2 Responses to 52 Ancestors 2015 #43: OOPS!

  1. Lynnette says:

    Found this on Abigail Branch Hooper from Canada.
    Post-Em from Susan Esposito
    Abigail says her husband died in 1806
    “I, ABIGAIL HOOPER of Deer Island in the county of Charlotte, age 74 years,do swear that in the year 1782 at Majorville I was lawfully married to WILLIAM HOOPER who served as a Private soldier in the Revolutionary War in America, that he was attached to the Regiment of Infantry raised (or partly) raised in Newfoundland commanded by Col. Gorham, that he died in Deer Island in the year 1806. That I now reside on Deer Island in the county of Charolotte, that I did actually reside in the province at the time of the passing of an Act made in the second year of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria ‘entitled” an Actfor the Relief of Old Soldiers of the Revolutionary War and their Widows, and that I was married to the said WILLIAM HOOPER before the passing of the said Act, And that I am now and have been for the last twelve months a widow, and in indigent circumstances , having no sufficent property by, or from which can support or maintain myself , and that I have not put out of my hands , power of disposal any property , in order to secure or provide for my support or mainetnance.” “ABIGAIL HOOPER” )her mark) (Repeat of above statement of solicitor, except his name can be read. Thomas Moses, Esquire, and the date is November 12, 1839

    • T.K. Eldridge says:

      Thanks, Lynnette – I did find the records where William served with the British 75th Foot Soldiers. Unfortunately, nothing in the records for pension appeals, etc, does Abigail happen to mention who her parents were, or where she was born.

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