52 Ancestors 2015 #42: Proud

Week 42 (October 15-21) – Proud: Which ancestor did something that made you proud? Which ancestor are you proud of finding?

One of the most heart-filling, exciting moments was when I visited my grand-aunt Ditta and saw the portrait of my great-great-grandmother, Ellanora Boelling Graff.  I also got to see the family bible and other photos that Aunt Ditta was kind enough to let me take back to Mom’s and scan. A treasure beyond price.

Ellanora Boelling Graff 1885 "Wedding Portrait"

Ellanora Boelling Graff
1885 “Wedding Portrait”

Ella had a pretty tragic life – she married Henry Graff  in Ohio within months after he left his first wife and infant daughter in Maryland  – likely unaware he was still married. She bore him twin daughters 9 months later and they died before they were five. After giving him several more children, she was beaten by one of her sons while pregnant – and died with the baby.

Finding her portrait and the information about her was a huge break in my brick wall. Finding her father was another break – but I still have not found her mother.

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1 Response to 52 Ancestors 2015 #42: Proud

  1. Henry Reynolds Graff says:

    The story as told to me by my father Edward Dewey Graff, was that she was accidently kicked while trying to break up a family brawl. She and the unborn baby died .

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