52 Ancestors 2015 #41: Colorful ancestors

Week 41 (October 8-14) – Colorful. Everyone has at least one “colorful” ancestor. Share the story of one of yours 🙂

Yeah…like I could pick just one? the more I dig into my ancestry, the more variety of ‘colorful’ ancestor stories I find. The one trait that is most pervasive throughout all of my family lines is being outspoken about what they believe is right and not putting up with crap from anyone. From Job Tyler who even turned on members of his own family for becoming social sheep to Zoeth Howland , a Quaker rebel who was drowned in a river on the way home from meeting by hostile Pocasset Indians.

The doctor, Dr. William Dyer, a respected physician and influential, even had a record of being stubborn.

The old doctor had a knack of keeping in hot water with his neighbors, and like Tristam Shandy’s father, had a spice in his temper known by the name of perseverance in a good cause, and obstinacy in a bad one. I should do great injustice to a long line of descendants, justly proud of their ancestors,to deny them a like precious inheritance. His family all married and settled around him, soon became among the largest and most influential in town ; a position maintained to this day.”

I’ve been told that I am…stubborn. (queue grin and wry chuckle) I guess I’ve managed to carry on the inheritance of both my maternal and paternal lines.

Rather proud of that…



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