52 Ancestors 2015: #38 Serendipity or Fate?

Week 38 (September 17-23) – Favorite Place: What has been  your favorite place to research? Which ancestor came from there?

I have ancestors from England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and New England. While the other countries are beautiful – they are incredibly difficult to research ancestors from those places – particularly Ireland. The most enjoyment has been in finding ancestors in places I know. I was born in Quincy and grew up in Pembroke – about twenty minutes from Plymouth Rock.

Finding names of ancestors like Robert Stetson (1670-1760) my 8th great grandfather, and knowing I swam every summer in Stetson’s Pond. Names like Nathaniel Cox (1741-1799) my 6th great-grandfather, who was born in Pembroke, Massachusetts, or his father, Edward Cox (1718-1778) who was born and died in Pembroke.

I giue and bequeath to my well beloued son William his Heirs or
assigns foreuer the whole of my home-lot or Lands lying on the western side of the country Road that passes by my house, togather with all the Buildings thereon reserving to my wife the preveleges granted to her — which Lands I  bought of Deacon Ford of Pembroke deceased — also the whole of my  meadow lying on Indian head Riuer, which I bought of Solomon Beals, and the  one half of my Pew in the west meeting House in Pembroke

— From “New England Cox Family”

This land is about 5 miles from where I grew up. I probably rode my bike over his land, and never knew.

When I was about twelve, I found an abandoned cemetery in a pocket of wild brush and trees between two cranberry bogs. We used to ride our bikes around the bog roads and play in the woods, so when I found it, I thought it was the coolest thing! Turns out it was in Hanson, Massachusetts. I cleaned it up and took pictures and then went to the Hanson Historical Society and told them about it. They took it over and now keep it maintained.  Little did I realize that my Stetson ancestors had family buried in that cemetery.

Stetson Cemetery

Stetson Cemetery

Stetson Cemetery

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