52 Ancestors 2015: #32 Third-Great-Grandparents – 27 of the 32

Week 32 (August 6-12) – 32. For Week 32, let’s focus on one of
your 32 3rd-great-grandparents. (If you’ve already written about
all of them — first, congrats on identifying all of them! —
consider writing about one of their siblings.)

I have managed to track down 27 of my 32 3rd great grandparents.

Paternal Line:

Elijah Eldredge (1778-1856) & Sarah Hunt (1788-1881)
Timothy Holt (1801-1864) & Almira A. (?) (1808-1874)
Gilman Lougee (1796-1871) & Sarah Phoebe Sanborn (1813-1873)
Ebenezer Trumbull Smith (1816-1875) & Phoebe Foy (1824-1902)
Francis Roach (1837-1879) & Ann Fitzpatrick (1830-1912)
Patrick Curran (1831-?) & Ann (1831-1881)
Unknown O’Keefe & Mary (1810-?)
Patrick Carroll (1840-1882) & Katie (1840-?)

Maternal Line:

George Gerhard Graf (1834-1892) & Catherine Seebach (1836-1932)
Franz Heinrich Wilhelm Boelling (1840-1918) & unknown
(Parents of George Neuhutl)
Johann Christian Zierle (1840-1913) & Wilhelmine “Mina” Kuhn (1849-1934)
Ephraim Weston Reynolds (1838-1906) & Lucinda J. McCrossin (1841-1929)
Andrew John Hooper (1835-1910) & Mary Abigail Blyather (1839-1913)
Hiram Hills Roberts (1827-1863) & Mary Ann Wilder (1828-1905)
(unknown male) & Mercy Laura Hawkins (1848-1883)

I found it fascinating that Elijah Eldredge and Sarah Hunt Eldredge were the earliest born in this group – and Wilhelmine “Mina” Kuhn was the latest born – beating Mercy Laura Hawkins by one year.

Elijah and Sarah, and Timothy & Almira were in Connecticut; Gilman and Sarah were in Maine while Ebenezer was in Vermont and moved to Massachusetts and Phoebe was in Maine and moved to Massachusetts. Francis and Ann, Patrick and Ann, Mary and Mr. O’Keefe, Patrick and Katie were all from Ireland – hence the lack of good records and data on them.

George and Catherine, and Franz and his wife, the unknown Neuhutl’s, Johann and Mina – all came from Germany. Ephraim was in Maine while Lucinda was born in New Brunswick and moved down to Maine. Andrew moved from Canada to Maine and Mary Abigail was born and died in Maine. Hiram and Mary Ann were both from Maine, as was Mercy Hawkins.

New England, Ireland, Canada, Germany – all these people came together by some strange happenstance and now I’m here. Pretty amazing!


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