52 Ancestors 2015: #31 Easy? Well….sort of….

Week 31 (July 30-August 5) – Easy: We ended July with
“Challenging,” so it seems fitting to begin August with “Easy.”
Which ancestor has been pretty easy to research? (Come on, there
has to be one!)

So, Amy Crow said we should write about easy research. You’d think your father would be easy, right? Especially since he was alive until 2013 and you were part of his life for all of yours. Yet…Dad had mysteries and puzzles in his past. Mom’s was very easy though. I knew both of her parents and her maternal grandmother and had volumes of information on her family.  In fact, it was my great-grandmother, Hazel Pearl Roberts Reynolds that got me started on genealogy.

Yet, even with ‘easy’ there are puzzles and errors and misconceptions. Nana Hazel’s marriage…that wasn’t discovered until just recently.  A letter from my Dad’s grandmother that had good – and bad – information in it that caused some missteps and confusion. But isn’t this the part of genealogy that we all love? Solving the mysteries?


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