52 Ancestors 2015: #28 Road trip research

Week 28 (July 9-15) – Road Trip: Any epic “road trips” in your family tree? Which
ancestor do you want to take a road trip to go research?

With all of the confusion and misinformation out there regarding the Towers line in New Brunswick /Northeast Maine, I would like to head up to New Brunswick and do some research. Then go to Scotland (if that is where MY line goes) since one of the lines came from Sterlingshire to Canada.

Jane Towers Hawkins

Jane Towers Hawkins

As it stands right now, Jane Towers (my 3rd gr.grandmother) may or may not be the daughter of William Towers and Ann Staples. William came from Bothkennar, Sterlingshire, Scotland with his brothers and a sister – I think.  I’ve been told that Jane is not their daughter, but no one can prove or disprove this.  Just recently someone told me there is a second Tower/s family in the area that is not related to William and his family – but there isn’t enough information to track. Yet.

What I do know is that Jane and a sister came down from Canada to Maine to work. Her sister, (possibly Mary) married a Grey and she married Samuel Melville Hawkins.

I’ve looked at the Grey/Gray family to try and see if I can find the sister…but “Mary” is such a common name, and without knowing -which- man she married….yeah. You see the problem.


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2 Responses to 52 Ancestors 2015: #28 Road trip research

  1. Stephen L. Robbins says:

    I think Jane is a daughter of Robert Towers [William’s brother who came to NB much later than William, and brought their mother’s featherbed with him, according to Minerva (Sharman) Gray. Minerva married Roger Gray of Wesley.].
    Minerva Sharman (1896-2000) > William Allen Sharman > William Towers Sharman> Elizabeth Towers (who m. Calvin Sharman and moved to robbinston ME) > William Towers + Ann (Staples).
    –Steve Robbins

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