52 Ancestors 2015: #27 Independence Day for America

Week 27 (July 2-8) – Independent: This is the week for Independence Day! Which one fought for (or against) America’s independence? Or which of your ancestors was

Below are the direct line ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War. One I know of that fought on the Loyalist side, but the rest were rebels.

Jesse Eldredge (1742-1788)   – Private, Infantry, Capt Pease’s company, Col. Douglas’ Regiment, CT 

Joseph Hunt (1740-1817) Col. Latimer’s Regiment, CT – Artillery 

James Holt (1746-1818) Capt Nathaniel Saltonstall’s co. Coast Guard

Timothy Poole (1739-1821) Maj.Gen Phinehas Lyman’s Command, French & Indian War :: Under Col. Hinkley’s command, CT – Rev. War

John Lougee (1758-1832) Private, NH Militia

Abner Sanborn (1746-1841) private, Capt. Nay, Col. Poor’s Command. NH

Abner Gardner  (1765-1850) Massachusetts. Drummer, Capt. Jacob Pool’s co., Col. Jacobs’s (Plymouth Co.) regt.; enlisted July 21, 1780; discharged Oct. 21, 1780; service, 3 mos. 13 days, travel included; company raised to reinforce Continental Army for 3 months. Roll sworn to at Boston.

Jonathan Norris (1749-1826)  2nd Lieutenant – Eames Company of Rangers, NH

Ebenezer Smith (1741-1852)  Col. Nathan Whiting’s command, French & Indian War, CT Private in Rev. War

Jonathan Martin Jr. (1743-1775)

Zadock Bishop (1749-1848) Private, Capt Woods company, Col. Sargent’s command, MA

David Reynolds (1760-1832) Capt. Ely’s company, Capt. Starr’s regiment, Col. Huntingdon’s Brigade, CT – Rev. War. :: Taken Prisoner at Tarrytown, NY in Fall 1782. Escaped from British prison ship at Passamaquoddy, near Lubec, Maine, spring 1783

Nathan Whitney (1742-1834) Abstract of Rev. Patriot graves has him buried in Gorham, ME

Nathaniel Cox (1741-1799) Col. McCobb’s regiment, Brig. Gen. Warner’s Brigade, Maine. Was one of four who received bounty prize money for his part in the capture of The Margaretta.

William Hooper (1755-1806) Loyalist

Benjamin Foss (1741-1830) Machias, ME militia

Thomas Cummins Davis (1749-1837)

Scribner Moody (1732-1812)

Bartholomew Bryant (1737-1832)

Ephraim Roberts (1745-1808) Ship’s Captain- Rev. War Privateer – Maine

Stephen Marsh (1735-1810)

Francis Miller (1733-1800) Miller, Francis.Private, Capt. Jesse Roe’s co. of artificers, attached to Brig. Gen. Henry Knox’s corps of artillery; muster rolls for Nov. and Dec., 1777; also, Capt. Christopher Beackley’s co. of Artillery artificers, detached from Col. Benjamin Flower’s corps of artificers and attached to artillery in the field commanded by Brig. Gen. Henry Knox; muster roll for April, 1778.

Theophilus Wilder (1710-1787) Captain. commanded a company of militia and served to the surrender at Yorktown. He was born in Hingham, Mass.; died in Pembroke, Me. Capt. in the regiments of Col. Nicholas Dyke & Col. Ebenezer Thayer Jr. of Mass troops. Rev War – present at surrender of Cornwallis.

Zenas Wilder (1749-1833) Hingham, Massachusetts.Private, Capt. Enoch Whiton’s co., Col. Benjamin Lincoln’s regt., which assembled April 19, 1775; service, 3 days; also, Capt. Pyam Cushing’s co., Col. Solomon Lovel’s regt.; service, 4 days; company assembled at Dorchester March 4, 1776; also, same co. and regt.; service between March 11, and March 29, 1776, 2 days; company assembled to guard the shore; also, same co. and regt.; service, 2 days; company assembled at Hull two different times in June, 1776; also, pay roll of half a company commanded by Lieut. Jabez Wilder, dated Feb. 27, 1778, and endorsed “Colo David Cushing Regt;” service, 6 days, under Col. Lothrop at Hull; also, list of men drafted from militia to march to Horse Neck under command of Col. McIntosh [year not given], but who failed to join regiment; reported drafted from town of Hingham; drafted into Capt. Cushing’s co.

David Gardner (1734-1814) Private – Capt. Jonathan Loring’s co, Com. Capt. Charles Cushing. Mass. Milita

Isaac Wilder (1737-1810) Massachusetts:: Seaman, brigantine “Independence,” commanded by Capt. Simeon Samson; engaged May 2, 1776; service to Sept. 22, 1776, 4 mos. 20 days; roll dated Plymouth; also, same vessel and commander; engaged Sept. 23, 1776; service to Jan. 1, 1777, 3 mos. 8 days; also, same vessel and commander; engaged Jan. 1, 1777; service to July 5, 1777, 6 mos. 5 days.

William Titus (1751-1811) Abstract of graves of Rev. Patriots has him buried in East Monmouth, Maine

Miles Staples (1729-1810)


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