52 Ancestors 2015: #21 Military Ancestors in EVERY Generation

Week 21 (May 21-27) – Military: This week, the United States will be observing
Memorial Day. Do you have any military ancestors? Were any ancestors affected by the
military or by war?

My family has had members that served in every war this country has seen. Every generation has members of the various branches of military service.  My nephew was in the Navy, my brother left the Army as a Major after 26 years, my father was in the Navy and then the Naval Reserves for nearly 30 years total. His father served in the Army and then the Air Force. An uncle served in the Air Force during Vietnam.

Chuck - Navy - 1969

Charles S. Eldridge- Navy – 1969

Lester Fremont Eldredge Air Force

Lester Fremont Eldredge
Air Force

Below are the twenty-seven direct line ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War. One I know of that fought on the Loyalist side, but the rest were rebels.

Jesse Eldredge (1742-1788)
Joseph Hunt (1740-1817)
James Holt (1746-1818)
Timothy Poole (1739-1821)
John Lougee (1758-1832)
Abner Sanborn (1746-1841)
Jonathan Norris (1749-1826)
Ebenezer Smith (1741-1852)
Jonathan Martin Jr. (1743-1775)
Zadock Bishop (1749-1848)
David Reynolds (1760-1832)
Nathan Whitney (1742-?)
Nathaniel Cox (1741-1799)
William Hooper (1755-1806) Loyalist
Benjamin Foss (1741-1830)
Thomas Cummins Davis (1749-1837)
Scribner Moody (1732-1812)
Bartholomew Bryant (1737-1832)
Ephraim Roberts (1745-1808)
Stephen Marsh (1735-1810)
Francis Miller (1733-1800)
Theophilus Wilder (1710-1787)
Zenas Wilder (1749-1833)
David Gardner (1734-1814)
Isaac Wilder (1737-1810)
William Titus (1751-1811)
Miles Staples (1729-1810)

These are the six direct line ancestors that fought in the Civil War.

Hiram Hills Roberts (1827-1863) – Died, while in service, of dysentery and buried in Bellefontaine, Ohio
Andrew John Hooper (1835-1900’s)
Ephraim Weston Reynolds (1838-1906)
George Gerhard Graff (1834-1892)
Francis Roach (1837-1879)
William Hunt Eldredge (1826-1889)

Francis Roach - Civil War Uniform 28th Mass

Francis Roach – Civil War Uniform 28th Mass

War affects the whole country – but military service by a member of the family, changes every member of that family – whether in wartime or not. I am proud that so many of my family cared enough about this country to fight for it and to sacrifice for their beliefs – both the men that served and the women that kept the family together so they would have something to come home to.

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3 Responses to 52 Ancestors 2015: #21 Military Ancestors in EVERY Generation

  1. Laura says:

    Was Hiram Hills Roberts buried in Bellefontaine or Hillside Cemetery in Wesley, ME? There is a marker in Wesley.

    • kessara says:

      His body is in Bellefontaine, Ohio, but his name is on the marker with Mary Ann in Wesley. Look up the post I did on Hiram and there is a link to the picasa page with his Civil War documents that explain where he was buried, etc.

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you Kess!

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