52 Ancestors 2015: #16 Sarah “Sally” Hunt Eldredge – long lived

Week 16 (April 16-22) – Live Long. Time to feature a long-lived ancestor. Any centenarians in the family?

I wanted to go on an immense journey, to travel night and day into
the unknown until, forgetting my old self, I came into possession
of a new self, one that I might have missed on my previous travels.
But the first step was beyond me. I lay in bed, unable to move,
pondering, as one does at my age, the ways of melancholy-how it
seeps into the spirit, how it disincarnates the will, how it banishes
the senses to the chill of twilight, how even the best and worst
intentions wither in its keep. I kept staring at the ceiling, then suddenly
felt a blast of cold air, and I was gone.

“When I turned A Hundred” by Mark Strand from Collected Poems. © Knopf, 2014.

Sarah Hunt Eldredge 3rd gr. grandmother 1788-1881 93yrs

Sally Hunt Eldredge

Sally Hunt Eldredge


When I started this, Sarah Hunt Eldredge – Sally – was the oldest direct ancestor I could find. Since then, I found the obituary for my third great grandmother, Catherine Seebeck Graf who lived to 95.  Yet, I’ve not written about Sally so I figured I’d just keep going. (Yes, that is why #17 was published before #16. It happens. Relax.)


Sarah “Sally” Hunt Eldredge is my third great grandmother. She was born March 7, 1788 in Columbia, Tolland County, Connecticut to Joseph Hunt and Mary “Molly” Fuller, and died February 4, 1881 in Willington, Tolland County, Connecticut.

Sarah was the ninth born out of ten children to Mary and Joseph. Four older brothers, Lebbeus, Joseph, Daniel and Thaddeus, and four older and one younger sister – Mary, Miriam, Luna, Abigail and Asenath.

Connecticut Town Marriage Records recorded her marriage to Elijah Eldredge, son of Jesse Eldredge and Mary Pierce, on June 21, 1810.

She gave him eleven children. Elijah in 1811, Sally in 1813, Elam in 1815, Abigail Hunt in 1817, Joseph and Mary in 1819, David in 1821, Daniel in 1824, William Hunt, my great-great grandfather, in 1826, Lucius in 1829 and Lucy in 1832.

On January 15, 1855, she wrote a letter to the Tolland Press that was published in the paper.

Letter to Press from Sarah Eldredge

Letter to Press from Sarah Eldredge


She claims she was a Mayflower descendant of Edward Fuller. As her letter states, “My mother’s name was Mary Fuller, daughter of the Reverend Daniel Fuller, the first minister in Willington. His father was the son of Mr. Edward Fuller who came to this country with his father in the Mayflower, in the year 1620.”

However, the genealogy goes: Ralph Fuller, Lieut. Thomas Fuller, Thomas Fuller, Rev. Daniel Fuller, then Mary Fuller. It was a second cousin, twice removed to Lt. Thomas that was Edward Fuller. (Another example of family stories not being supported by historical facts.)

She is listed in the Federal census in Willington in 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880. She died in 1881 at the age of 93 and was buried in Willington Hill Cemetery.

Sarah "Sally" Hunt Eldredge gravestone

Sarah “Sally” Hunt Eldredge gravestone


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