52 Ancestors 2015: #14 The Mirror Man

Week 14 (April 2-8) – Favorite Photo: Who is in a favorite photo of yours? Or tell the story of the photo itself — where was it taken, what was the event?

My second great-grandfather, Henry Graff, was one of the earliest photographers in New York City. He owned the White Way Studio on Broadway in NY. The photo of the building below is of the location of the studio.

White Way Studio Broadway NY

I don’t know exactly when the studio was founded – but likely after 1888 when Eastman’s Kodak camera came on the market.

The photo below is of Henry William Graff – Henry’s son. Family story has it that he created the process to take the mirror photos.  I’ve found several other mirror photos attributed to the White Way Studio – posted them below.

Henry William Graff - subject / Henry Graff photographer. NY

Henry William Graff – subject / Henry Graff photographer. NY

Gerhardt - Henry Graff's partner.

Gerhardt – Henry Graff’s friend and the owner of a nearby Cigar Shop.

mirror photo white way photo studio mirror woman moustachioed mirror man 'white way photo studio 1341 broadway nyc'

When Henry’s wife died in 1910, he left New York and was found in 1920 in Boston, MA, living as a boarder and working as a photographer.


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