52 Ancestors 2015 #12: Tamesin Eldredge

Week 12 (March 19-25) – Same. What ancestor is a lot like you? What ancestor do you have a lot in common? Same name? Same home town?

Tamesin Eldredge is thrice related to me – once through the marriage of her granddaughter to my  third great-grandfather, Elijah Eldredge and once as the sister to my fifth(and sixth)-great grandfather, Jesse Eldredge.  So, she is both the “paternal grandmother of the wife of my third great grandfather” and my 5th (and 6th)great grand-aunt.

Her granddaughter, Clarissa, was the first wife of my third great-grandfather, Elijah. She died after giving him two daughters, that were raised by my third great-grandmother, Sarah Hunt Eldredge.

How is she my fifth – and sixth – great aunt? Well, since her brother Jesse’s son, Jesse – and his daughter Martha – are my fourth great-grandfather and fifth great-grandmother, respectively.

Yes – it gets confusing. Basically, my third great-grandfather, Elijah, was married to his second cousin, Clarissa.

I chose Tamesin for this week’s post because her name is the closest to my name. Tamesin Eldredge/Tamara Eldridge.

Thing is – my last name -should- have been Eldredge, but my dad was put in state foster care when he was small and his last name was misspelled on his paperwork. So his siblings are all Eldr-e-dge and he is Eldr-i- dge.

Tamesin was the last born child of Elisha Eldredge and Dorcas Mulford. Her eldest sibling, Jesse, is my great-grandfather twice over (as I’ve already explained), then there are brothers Elisha and David – then sisters Dorcas, Mary, Jemima and Bethia.

Tamesin was born in 1727 in Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts and moved with her family to Tolland, Connecticut sometime after her birth.

On June 8, 1749, she married Hezekiah Crane in Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut. They had Hezekiah Jr. in 1751, Daniel in 1752, Ruth in 1753, Elisha in 1754, Tamesin in 1755, Dorcas in 1757, Philip in 1759, Jemima in 1761, David in 1763, Anne in 1766 and the last daughter, Zerxiah in 1769.

Tamesin died at age 44 on March 15, 1771. My suspicion is that it was likely in childbirth, but there are no records of a child.


Tamesin Eldredge (1727 – 1771) paternal grandmother of wife of 3rd great grandfather
 Daniel Craine (1752 – 1832) son of Tamesin Eldredge
 Clarissa Craine (1781 – 1809) daughter of Daniel Craine
 Elijah Eldredge (1778 – 1856) husband of Clarissa Craine
 William Hunt Eldredge (1826 – 1889) son of Elijah Eldredge
 Willard Holt Eldredge (1882 – 1957) son of William Hunt Eldredge
 Lester Fremont Eldredge (1909 – 1991) son of Willard Holt Eldredge
 Charles Sherwood Eldridge (1938 – 2013) son of Lester Fremont Eldredge

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