52 Ancestors 2015 #11: Francis Roach & Ann Fitzpatrick – Ireland to Massachusetts

Week 11 (March 12-18) – Luck of the Irish. Do you have an ancestor who seemed particularly lucky? Do you have a favorite Irish ancestor? This is their week.

I suppose this is a case of luck running out…or luck and love surviving and growing in spite of Francis’ luck running out eventually.

I’ve written about them both before. Ann’s story and Francis’ story both talk about the journey from Ireland to the states – about finding love with another Irish-born immigrant and raising a family during the time of the Civil War.

It also talks about Francis falling into the town well while drunk and drowning, leaving Ann with seven children in age from nine to nineteen.

Most women in the days before ‘women’s liberation’ would try to remarry to have a provider for the family so they could feed and raise their children. Due to the Civil War having ended just a handful of years prior, there were likely very few eligible men available to marry. Whether that was the case – or whether it was Ann’s love for her Irish soldier boy – she lived the next thirty-three years as a widow.


Fag an Bealac – A song sung by the 28th Massachusetts Irish boys, and referenced in a letter by Patrick Kelly, a fellow soldier and Irishman that likely knew Frank Roach.



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