52 Ancestors 2015 #10 Joel Day & Catherine Richardson Day – Inconceivable losses

Week 10 (March 5-11) – Stormy Weather. This is the time of year that the northern hemisphere starts to see severe storms. (As if the blizzards in New England this winter haven’t been bad enough!) What ancestor endured a particularly severe storm? It could be something like a tornado or blizzard or it could be a “storm” of bad things.

Joel Day (1808-1884) and Catherine B. Richardson (1813-1898) are not direct ancestors of mine.  The closest relation is Joel is the “paternal grandfather of wife of 3rd great grand uncle”. But the Day family ancestry ties in with my maternal grandmother’s brothers as well – they married descendants of the Day/Hayward lines.  The Richardson line is also connected to my great-grandfather’s siblings through marriage.

So, there is more than one connection to these two people.

As for their story? It has haunted me since 1995, when I saw the white marble gravestone with all of those names on it – all within a couple of months.


Back of the Day children's stone

Back of the Day children’s stone

Front of the Day children's stone

Front of the Day children’s stone

Joel Day married Elizabeth Eleanor Jones first in March of 1836 – and they had Randall, Josiah and Elizabeth “Lizzie” – then Elizabeth Jones Day died from complications of childbirth with her daughter in December of 1842.

He married Catherine Richardson in October of 1843. They had Euphernia in 1846, Emily in 1848, Joel in 1849, Dorindia in 1851, Alfred in 1855, Albert in 1857, Lillie in 1859, Linnie in 1861, Flora in 1862, William in 1864, Harris in 1866 and Perry in 1868.

The first one to die was Dorindia Catherine on June 28th – eleven days past her thirteenth birthday. Euphernia died on July 20th, three months past her eighteenth birthday.

William Carrick was born May 25, 1864 and died July 29, 1864. He was the youngest of the Day children at the time of the Diptheria epidemic of 1864.

July 30th saw the deaths of Linnie at three years five months, and Flora at one and a half. July 31st they lost Lillie Estelle and on August 1st, Albert Harris died at two months shy of his seventh birthday.

Emily at 16, Joel at 15 and Alfred at 9 were the only children of the ten children born to Catherine and Joel that survived that summer of 1864. Harris and Perry were born two and four years later.

In thirty-four days, seven children died from a disease that now has a vaccination to prevent. In light of all of the recent news about vaccines – this puts the reality of a life without vaccines into sharp focus.

Joel Day (1808 – 1884) paternal grandfather of wife of 3rd great grand uncle
 Idora Bernice Day (1873 – 1950) daughter of Josiah L. Day
 Samuel Melville Hawkins (1865 – 1928) husband of Idora Bernice Day
 Samuel Melville Hawkins (1824 – 1902) father of Samuel Melville Hawkins
 Mercy Laura Hawkins (1848 – 1883) daughter of Samuel Melville Hawkins
 Carrie Evelyn Hawkins (1869 – 1949) daughter of Mercy Laura Hawkins
 Hazel Pearl Roberts (1900 – 1990) daughter of Carrie Evelyn Hawkins
 Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003) daughter of Hazel Pearl Roberts

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