52 Ancestors 2015 #9: Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder – wife of a distant cousin and fellow writer

Week 9 (Feb 26-Mar 4) – Close to Home. Which ancestor is the closest to where you live? Who has a story that hits “close to home”?

Laura Ingalls & Almanzo Wilder

Laura Ingalls & Almanzo Wilder

Close to home for me is my writing. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was small.  I’ve always written – journals, letters, blogs, whatever. I’ve had a few non-fiction/academic things published but my novel is not done yet.  So, when I was looking for the ancestor that hit ‘close to home’ – the one I found was the wife of my 7th cousin – Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Their daughter, Rose, was also a writer and quite well known. When the stock market crash in the 30’s happened, Rose ended up moving back home to live with her parents and worked with her mother to get the Little House books written and published.

Rose Wilder

Rose Wilder

I’m not going to write a lot about Laura here, there are plenty of places to find information about Laura and Almanzo. – but it was pretty interesting to find out that I was actually related to a family of writers.

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls (1867 – 1957) wife of 7th cousin 3x removed

 Almanzo James Wilder (1857 – 1949)husband of Laura Elizabeth Ingalls
 James Mason Wilder (1813 – 1899) father of Almanzo James Wilder
 Abel Wilder (1784 – 1849) father of James Mason Wilder
 Daniel Wilder (1764 – 1851) father of Abel Wilder
 William Wilder (1717 – 1809) father of Daniel Wilder
 John Wilder (1673 – 1756) father of William Wilder
 John Wilder (1646 – 1718) father of John Wilder
 Thomas Wilder (1618 – 1667) father of John Wilder
 Thomas Wilder (1584 – 1634) father of Thomas Wilder
 Edward Wilder (1623 – 1690) son of Thomas Wilder
 Theophilus Wilder (1710 – 1787) son of Jabez W. Wilder Captain
 Zenas Wilder (1749 – 1833) son of Theophilus Wilder
 Theophilus Wilder (1787 – 1865) son of Zenas Wilder
 Mary Ann Wilder (1828 – 1905) daughter of Theophilus Wilder
 John Milton Roberts (1858 – 1939) son of Mary Ann Wilder
 Hazel Pearl Roberts (1900 – 1990) daughter of John Milton Roberts
 Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003) daughter of Hazel Pearl Roberts




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One Response to 52 Ancestors 2015 #9: Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder – wife of a distant cousin and fellow writer

  1. Tina Schoonover-Chase says:

    hi. I think it is great that you want to be a writer just like Laura Ingalls Wilder. She is my 2nd cousin 4x removed so we r kinda related through Almanzo.

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