52 Ancestors 2015: #3 Mina Kuhn – tough to research!

Week 3, Tough woman — Who is a tough, strong woman in your family tree? Or what woman has been tough to research? 

Well, that’s easy. Tough to research has been Mina Kuhn, my third great grandmother.

She was born around 1849 in Baden, Germany according to the 1930 US Federal Census, and according to the NYC marriages, she was wed to Christian Zierle in 1867 in Manhattan.

I have her listed as arriving in New York after a trip to Germany on February 10, 1871 – but this was not her immigration date as she was here in 1867 to marry Christian.

She is then listed in the 1880 Census for New York (manhattan) and in the 1930 census in Queens, New York at age 81, widowed and mother of the head of house, her son John Zierle, age 53.  This census tells us a good bit about Mina –

“Birth year, abt 1849, birthplace Germany, Marital status: widowed, homemaker? Yes. / Age at first marriage: 17. Attended school? No. Able to read and write? No. Father’s birthplace/Mother’s both listed as Germany. Language spoken: German. Naturalization? No. Able to speak english? No”

I did find a baptismal and birth record for a Wilhelmine Kuhn in Baden that I believe is her. I knew Mina was a nickname for Wilhelmine, so it was not a hard search.

Birth: January 11, 1849

Christening date: January 16, 1849 at Evangelisch, Ehrstadt, Heidelberg, Baden

Father’s name: Friederich Kuhn – Mother’s name: Sophie Frank

Christian fought in the Civil War – and Mina gave him six children: Elsa in 1867, Henry in 1870, Mary (my great-great-grandmother) in 1871, Luisa in 1872, John in 1873 and Albert in 1879.

Now, there is another Kuhn that is in Manhattan, and marries Christian’s sister, Christina Zierle on August 15, 1867 – his name is Ernst. It is likely that he is Mina’s brother.  I don’t have the actual marriage date for Mina and Christian – makes me wonder if it was the same day as Ernst and Christina?

Mina Kuhn Zierle died in 1934 and is buried with Louise Zierle  and two other women under the same stone. Another mystery to unravel!

Mina Kuhn Zierle gravestone

Mina Kuhn Zierle gravestone

Mina Kuhn (1849 – 1934) is your 3rd great grandmother
 Mary Zierle (1871 – 1920) daughter of Mina Kuhn
 Lizzie Neuhütl (1891 – 1966) daughter of Mary Zierle
 Edward Dewey Graff (1916 – 1994) son of Lizzie Neuhütl

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2 Responses to 52 Ancestors 2015: #3 Mina Kuhn – tough to research!

  1. Henry Reynolds Graff says:

    Nice job! Would you please list the location or address of the cemetery when you put up pictures of grave stones? Thanks

    • kessara says:

      I don’t know where the cemetery is. Got the picture from another relative. It’s in NY somewhere, that’s all I know.

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