52 Ancestors: #51 Zadock Bishop, from Rehoboth to Leeds

Zadock Bishop is my sixth great-grandfather. He was born April 24, 1749 in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts to Gould and Mary Pullen Bishop. He was the fifth son, the eighth child out of ten for Gould and Mary.

On February 28, 1770 he married Mary “Molly” Rawson in Rehoboth, Mass. She died due to complications from childbirth in November 1770, after his first son, Jonathan, was born on October 30, 1770.

He married Elizabeth Hale on April 25, 1772 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts and then again on May 11, 1772 in Warren, Rhode Island. The marriages are both listed in the state vital records – best guess is they married in Rehoboth for his family and in Warren for her family.

She gave him seven or nine children – Joseph (my fifth great-grandfather) in 1773 in Rehoboth, Welcome in 1774 in Swansea, Jesse in 1776 in Swansea, then the family moved to Leeds, where Squire was born in 1780, Mary in 1783, Lydia in 1785, Zadock Jr in 1788 – there are two more sons, James in 1793 and Cyrus in 1797 but I’m not so sure they are Zadock and Elizabeth’s children.

Zadock fought in the Revolutionary War and received a pension and a land bounty – that put him in Leeds, Androscoggin, Maine.

The pension application was filed in 1833 from Leeds, Maine.
US Pension Roll of 1835 says Zadock Bishop, rank of Private, 20.00 annual allowance/ 60.00 sums received/ Description of service: Massachusetts Continental Army/When placed on the pension roll: July 24, 1833/ Commencment of pension Mar 4, 1831/ Pensioned under act June 7, 1832.

Death Certificate - Zadock Bishop

Death Certificate – Zadock Bishop

Gravestone, Zadock Bishop

Gravestone, Zadock Bishop

He died on December 1, 1848 in Leeds, Androscoggin, Maine. His death certificate gives further information:

Date of burial, Dec 4, 1848, Lothrop Cemetery, Lot 18, Grave 2.
Date of Enlistment, July 1, 1775 at North Providence, Rhode Island. He fought in Captain John Wood’s Col, Colonel Paul Durley’s Regiment.


Zadock Bishop (1749 – 1848) is your 6th great grandfather
 Joseph Bishop (1773 – 1863) son of Zadock Bishop
 Elizabeth Bishop (1802 – 1853) daughter of Joseph Bishop
 Phoebe Foy (1824 – 1902) daughter of Elizabeth Bishop
 Elvira May Smith (1857 – 1927) daughter of Phoebe Foy
 Olive May Lougee (1883 – 1956) daughter of Elvira May Smith
 Lester Fremont Eldredge (1909 – 1991) son of Olive May Lougee
 Charles Sherwood Eldridge (1938 – 2013) son of Lester Fremont Eldredge

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10 Responses to 52 Ancestors: #51 Zadock Bishop, from Rehoboth to Leeds

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  2. Mike Williams Sr. says:

    He is related to my Grandmother, Iona Ella (Williams) Bishop of Winthrop and Waterville, Me.

  3. Mike Williams Sr. says:

    well, how about Raleigh B, Bishop of Winthrop,Me.??

  4. Mike Williams Sr. says:

    Her Father.

  5. T.K. Eldridge says:

    …what about him? I don’t understand what you’re asking. Whose father?

  6. Mike Williams Sr. says:

    We are related to Zadock Bishop. I was told the other night that there was no connection. However, I have my genealogy here, that has been verified that says we are. Iona Ella (Bishop) Williams, who’s father is Raleigh B. Bishop of Winthrop, Me. Someone is wrong here

  7. Mike Williams Sr. says:

    I understand. Somewhere I bet we are related. Thanks

  8. Janet oconnor says:

    I too am related to Zadock but then with son Jesse who then had Savila Ann ,who married John Burgess and so on Janet beaudoin oconnor

  9. Alan Bishop says:

    I, too, am a descendant of Zadock Bishop. My father was Harry A. Bishop, Jr. from Gorham, NH. His ancestors ended up in New Hampshire and Vermont after moving from Leeds, Maine. The Bishop line continues!

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