52 Ancestors: #47 Thomas Doggett, Colonial family man

Thomas Doggett was my eighth great-grandfather. Born in 1607 in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England, he died August 18, 1692 in Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts or in Marshfield, Massachusetts – since his will was written with him being “of Marshfield”.

Thomas’s first wife, name unknown, gave him a son, John, b. 1642 in Concord, Mass. She died in 1642 – possibly in childbirth.

Thomas’s second wife was Elizabeth Humphrey, widow of William Fry of Weymouth. She gave him Hannah 1646, Sarah, 1650 and then she died 1652 in childbirth with Samuel.

Thomas Doggett married his third wife, the widow Chillingsworth,  Joane Hampton on August 17, 1654 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. They had a daughter, Rebecca Doggett, my seventh great-grandmother, born July 29, 1655 in Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

“Thomas Doggett, born England, 1607; removed to New England in the “Marey Anne” of Yarmouth Eng., William Goose, master, May 1637; died Marshfield, Mass., August 18, 1692; married 1st (date, place, and to whom not found) who died Concord, Mass., 23, 6 mo., 1642; married 2d, Weymouth, Mass., 1643, Elizabeth Fry, widow of William Fry, of Weymouth, and daughter of Jonas and Frances Humphrey of Dorchester, Mass.; born probably England; died Weymouth, Mass., 1652; married 3d Marshfield, Mass., August 17, 1654, Joane Chillingsworth, widow of Thomas Chillingsworth, of Marshfield, Mass.; born probably England; died Marshfield Mass Sept 4 1684.

John Doggett b. Concord, Mass 1642
Hannah Doggett b. Weymouth Mass 1646
Sarah Doggett b. Weymouth Mass 1650
Samuel Doggett b. Weymouth Mass 1652
Rebecca Doggett b. Marshfield Mass July 29, 1655

Thomas Doggett, of Marshfield, was previously a resident of Weymouth and before that, of Concord, Mass. Of these facts the records now extant seem to offer sufficient evidence; but of his life previous to arrival at Concord there is more undertainty. Authorities on the subject express the opinion that Thomas who came in the “Marey Anne” in 1637, was the Thomas afterward of Marshfield, and finding no evidence to prove or disprove this theory, the writer has followed it as a possible truth. It is hoped that the points here made known may lead to positive proof of his parentage and home in England.

In 1642, the 23d of the 6th month, the records of Concord, Mass, record the death of the wife of Thomas Doggett, but a search of the town records reveals nothing more regarding them. When or where he was married, or how long he had resided in Concord, is unknown.

Here it probably was he married, in 1643, as his second wife, Elizabeth, the widow of William Fry. William Fry had died here October 26, 1642, leaving a wife Elizabeth and daughters Elizabeth and Mary. His will is found in Suffolk Probate and was deposed by Thomas Baily and John Barge. Elizabeth Fry was born Dec 20, 1639 and Mary Fry was born Jan 9, 1642, probably at Weymouth as their father was a freeman and had twelve acres of land allotted to him there as early as 1636.
Thomas Doggett by his marriage with Mrs. Fry became one of the proprietors of Weymouth, and the property records, which are not dated but were written at some time between his marriage and May 21, 1644, speak of his lands as “Doggett’s lot”.

In 1652, Elizabeth …died..and in the following year he changed his home for the last time, by moving to Marshfield, Mass.

Among the first settlers (of Marshfield) was Thomas Chillingsworth, who was quite a prominent man in public matters. After a short residence at Lynne, in 1637, and afterward at Sandwich, he settled in Marshfield where he was a large landholder, and was representative 1648 and 1652. Administration on his estate was granted March 1652 to his widow Joanna, who married August 17, 1654, Thomas Doggett. Mr. Chillingsworth had four daughters but no son.

Elizabeth died unmarried, September 28, 1655. Mehitabel married May 2, 1661, Justus Eames. Mary married Deacon John Foster.  Sarah married Samuel Sprague, the last secretary of Plymouth Colony.”

From: A history of the Doggett-Daggett family (1894)

So, Thomas raised not only his five children, but also the two daughters of Elizabeth by William Fry and the four daughters of Joanna by Thomas Chilllingsworth.  It also seems he was good about making sure the daughters of the other men received their inheritances from their fathers as the deceased fathers had requested in their wills.

The Will of Thomas Dogget:

“I Thomas Dogget, of Marshfield, being grown aged, yet of sound mind, and memory,praysed be God. Do make this my last will, and testament, in manor and forme following: first I comit my soul unto ye hands of God, my saviour, and my Body to desent Buriall, when it shall pleased God to take me hense, with sure and certain hope of a joy full resurrection, and reunion of Soul and Body to Eternall Glory
through the gracious merits of Christ, our Lord our onely saviour.
And for the disposal of my outward estate my mind and will is, it shall be disposed as followeth: I having formerly given until my son John Dogget, the one half of my farm, and divided the same unto him as by one instrument bearing date the 20th of March 1681 may appear which he is in possession of. And having also given to my
sonn Samuel Dogget, a deed of the other half of my far I live upon with other lands.
And to avoid all controverces as concerning the Lands intended to be granted by the aforesaid Deed to my son Samuel, I do hereby declare and hereby give and confirm unto my said son Samuel Dogget, all that half of ye aforesaid farm which I am in
possession of, viz: house, out houses orchard, half Barns and Lands, whatsoever, both divided and undivided orlying in common with my son John or otherwise. To have and to hold to him the said Samuel Dogget his heirs and assigns for ever.
Item – my debts and funeral expenses being first paid, I give and bequath to my daughter Sarah Sherman’s children, viz: to Prudence Sarah and Susanna, ten shillings apiece and all the remainder of my estate to be divided amongst the rest of my children viz: to my sons John, Samuel, and Hannah Blanchers children, and Rebecka
Wilder, my son John to have two fifths parts thereof, or double to any other of my children, and my son Samuel to have one fifth part thereof, and my daughter Rebeckah one fifth part thereof, and my daughter Hannah’s children one fifth part thereof.
Lastly I nominate and appoint my son Samuel to be sole executor of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the twentieth day of January 1689.
Thomas Doget his T marke
We under written did see the above named Thomas Dogett sign seal and deliver the above written instrument.
Samuel Arnold
Nathaniel Thomas
Mehetabel Truant her T mark
Memo. Jan 3. 1692/3 – Captain Nathaniel Thomas and Mr Samuel Arnold two of the witnesses herein named made oath before William Bradford Esq commissionated judge for Granting Probate of wills. That they were present and did see and bear[?]
the above named Thomas Dogget sign seal and deliver the above written Instrument to be his last will and Testament and that to the best of their judgment he was of sound mind and memory when he did ye same. Attest Samuel Sprague, Regis.”

From the “A history of the Doggett-Daggett family / by Samuel Bradlee Doggett 1894” it becomes pretty clear that Thomas worked hard to get settled in the new world and took care of his wives and their families as well as his own.

Thomas Doggett (1607 – 1692) is your 8th great grandfather
 Rebecca Doggett (1655 – 1728) daughter of Thomas Doggett
 Isaac Wilder (1700 – 1780) son of Rebecca Doggett
 Bethsheba Wilder (1756 – 1840) daughter of Isaac Wilder
 Theophilus Wilder (1787 – 1865) son of Bethsheba Wilder
 Mary Ann Wilder (1828 – 1905) daughter of Theophilus Wilder
 John Milton Roberts (1858 – 1939) son of Mary Ann Wilder
 Hazel Pearl Roberts (1900 – 1990) daughter of John Milton Roberts
 Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003)  (My maternal grandmother) daughter of Hazel Pearl Roberts

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