52 Ancestors #41: George E. Neuhütl – Mysterious Grandpa

George was my second great-grandfather. He was born September 1861 in Bavaria, Germany. According to several U.S. census’ and passenger lists, the birth date is supported.

George Neuhutl's passport photo

George Neuhutl’s passport photo

The 1910 Census lists his arrival in the U.S. as 1887 at age 26. Immigration has him arriving 26 Apr 1887 on the ship “Werra” from Bremen, Germany.

In 1888 he married Mary Zierle in New York, NY, daughter of Christian Zierle and Mina Kuhn.  She gave him six children:  Mina (1890), Lizzie (1891-1966) (my great-grandmother), Charles (1892-1975), Albert (1894), Johanie (1895-1900) and George Jr. (1896)

The name  Neuhütl  was spelled Newhittle, Newhill, Neuhudel – depending on what the census taker felt like translating it into. On Lizzie’s birth certificate, it is  Neuhütl  – and his occupation is listed as “Machinist”. On Lizzie’s marriage certificate, her last name is spelled Newhill.

On July 11, 1908, he makes a trip back to Germany. George “Newhittle” is listed as a “cattleman” and his port of arrival and departure is Hamburg.

Our last record of George to date is the U.S. Census of 1925 where he is listed as head of household – and working in a perfume factory. In the household are Charles, a chauffeur (for Katherine Hepburn), Albert, a truck driver, Rose – Albert’s wife and a boarder, George Peterson.

We don’t know for sure if Neuhütl is his birth name or not, which makes finding his birth records or parents a bit of a challenge. I don’t yet have any records of naturalization or a date of death. He’s not in the 1930 Census so it is assumed he died sometime between 1925 and 1930.

The passport photo makes him look like quite a character to me and I wish I could learn more. This one is a work in progress.

George E. Neuhütl (1861 – 1925?) is your 2nd great grandfather
Lizzie Neuhütl (1891 – 1966) daughter of George E. Neuhütl
Edward Dewey Graff (1916 – 1994) son of Lizzie Neuhütl
Mom’s father.

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