52 Ancestors #38: Bartholomew Bryant – Revolutionary War Sergeant

Bartholomew Bryant, my seventh great grandfather, was born July 11, 1737 in Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine to John Bryant and Elizabeth Davis. His parents had married in New Hampshire and then removed to Maine. Bartholomew was the second born and second son. His elder brother, Samuel Davis Bryant also fought in the Revolutionary War.

On January 25, 1763 he married Ellen Brookings in Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine. She gave him ten children: Joseph 1764, Patience 1765, Lydia 1767, Samuel Davis 1771 [my 6th great grandfather], Martha 1774, Thomas 1775, Stephen 1778, Rebecca 1780, Sarah 1782 and Hannah 1784.

from “Sons of the American Revolution” application by Lt. John Stephen Caffrey

Bartholomew Bryant enlisted as a private in Captain John Wests’ Company on July 4, 1777. The company was raised for an expedition to Nova Scotia and continued in service at and for the defense of Machias. He also received a bounty from Captain Stephen Smith, muster master for Lincoln Company, for engaging in an expedition against St. John. Bartholomew Bryant also served as bombadier December 13, 1777 to December 1, 1778 at Machias Eastern Indian Department under Colonel John Allan. He also served as sergeant in Captain John Prebles Company from December 1, 1779 to May 1, 1781. Machias men helped greatly to determine the boundary line between United States and Canada. See Mass. S.G.S. In the War of the Rev. Vol. 2, page 724

Maine Historical Magazine, vol. 4 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1888). – REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS TO THE EASTWARD. A list of men mustered by Stephen Smith, Muster Master, on the 24th day of July, 1777, in Col. McCobb’s Regiment.In Brigadier General Warner’s Brigade, 212 : ‡ Joseph Averill, James O’Brien, Bartholomew Bryant, Josiah Libbee, Jona Woodruff, James Dillaway, John Young, John Berry, Jr., Nathaniel Cox, Nehemiah Small, Noah Mitchell, Mathias Whitney, Daniel Merritt, Abraham Allen, William Kelly, Nathan Andrews, David Libbee, Joseph Getchell, William Mills, Peter Colbrooth, Henry Dillaway, (Fifer) James Foster, Benj. Foster, William Mitchel, Daniel Small, George Tinney, Joseph Libbee, Shubal Hinckley, Samuel Reynolds, John Gardner. ‡These men belonged in Machias or vicinity.
The 1790 census has the family living in Machias, Washington County, Maine – as does the 1800 census – his death is listed as June 19, 1832 in Machias, Washington County Maine.




Bartholomew Bryant (1737 – 1810) is your 7th great grandfather
Samuel Davis Bryant (1771 – ) son of Bartholomew Bryant
Martha Bryant (1803 – 1875) daughter of Samuel Davis Bryant
Charity Davis (1820 – 1900) daughter of Martha Bryant
Mary Abigail Blyather (1839 – 1913) daughter of Charity Davis
Laura Emma Hooper (1858 – 1935) daughter of Mary Abigail Blyather
Harry Nelson Reynolds (1896 – 1963) son of Laura Emma Hooper
Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003) daughter of Harry Nelson Reynolds



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