52 Ancestors: #37 William Dyer, M.D.

William Dyer, M.D. was my ninth great grandfather. Born March 7, 1663 in Massachusetts to Anne Hutchinson and Samuel Dyer.

He married Mary Taylor, the daughter of Henry Taylor and Lydia Hatch in December 1686 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. She gave him nine children – Lydia in 1688, William in 1690, Jonathan in 1692, Henry (my eighth great-grandfather) in 1693, Isabel in 1695, Ebenezer in 1691, Judah in 1701 and Ambrose in 1709.
Info from Gus Pendleton:

Dr. Dyer resided in Barnstable from about 1686, and moved to Truro approximately 1705.   He was known as “Doctor” – probably something he picked up from his mother who had been a famous (infamous?) midwife – who learned from her mother as well.

Dr. William of Barnstable
Settled at Truro before the proprietors.
He m. 1686, Mary, dau of Wm. Taylor of B.
The house occupied by the late Capt. Ebenezer Atkins taken down within the last twenty years, was built by him. The gravestones from which we copy, are still in good condition in the Old North.
The old doctor had a knack of keeping in hot water with his neighbors, and like Tristam Shandy’s father, had a spice in his temper known by the name of perseverance in a good cause, and obstinacy in a bad one. I should do great injustice to a long line of descendants, justly proud of their ancestors,to deny them a like precious inheritance. His family all married and settled around him, soon became among the largest and most influential in town ; a position maintained to this day.

Her lyes the body of Doc William Dyer
aged about 85 yrs
died July 27th 1738

Old North Cemetery
Barnstable County
Massachusetts, USA



William Dyer M.D. (1640 – 1738) is your 9th great grandfather
Henry Dyer (1693 – 1767) son of William Dyer M.D.
James Dyer (1721 – 1797) son of Henry Dyer
Joanna Dyer (1746 – 1814) daughter of James Dyer
John Allen Roberts (1802 – ) son of John Allen Robbarts
Hiram Hills Roberts (1827 – 1863) son of John Allen Roberts
John Milton Roberts (1858 – 1939) son of Hiram Hills Roberts
Hazel Pearl Roberts (1900 – 1990) daughter of John Milton Roberts
Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003) daughter of Hazel Pearl Roberts

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