52 Ancestors: #36 Ann Fitzpatrick Roach

Ann Fitzpatrick was my third great grandmother.
She was born 1830 in Glin, County Cavan, Ireland to Patrick Fitzpatrick and Ann McGovern, the second born of five girls and two boys. Bridget, Ann, Peter, Alice, Ellen, Thomas and Margaret.

Irish Cross, Cemetery Raffney, County Cavan, Ireland Irish Cross, Cemetery Raffney, County Cavan, Ireland

According to the 1900 census, Ann arrived in the United States in 1859…I think perhaps it was a little earlier than that, as she married Francis Roach on January 8, 1859 in St. Mary’s Church in Lynn, Massachusetts. Unless they met on the boat coming over – which is possible since I don’t know when Francis arrived. He was born 1837 in County Kerry, Ireland.

Ann gave Francis seven children: Mary Anne in 1860, twins Francis and James in 1862, Thomas in 1864, Peter (my second great-grandfather) in 1866, Charles in 1867 and Nellie in 1870.

When Nellie was nine years old, Francis fell into a well while drunk and died. Ann raised the children alone the rest of her life.

According to the census, she was in Lynne in 1865, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910…until her death on August 27, 1912 in Lynn, Massachusetts. She was buried in the cemetery of St. Mary’s – the same church – but not the same building – she married Francis in back in 1859.

St. Mary’s Church in Lynn was destroyed by fire in 1859 and by 1862 a new St. Mary’s was erected on the present site. This church was destroyed by fire in December 1941, and rebuilt in March 1947. According to the parish website, the church that Ann would have known was built on the same plan as St. Rose’s Church in Chelsea, MA. St. Mary's Church Lynn



Ann Fitzpatrick (1830 – 1912) is your 3rd great grandmother
Peter I. Roach (1866 – 1934) son of Ann Fitzpatrick
Mildred T. Roach (1914 – 1984) daughter of Francis Ralph Roach

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