52 Ancestors #34 Benjamin Foss – Revolutionary War Naval Hero

Benjamin Foss is my fifth great-grandfather. Born January 31, 1741 in Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine to Benjamin Foss and Silence Winch, the third son in a family of ten children.

On November 7, 1762, he married Sarah Mitchell in Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine. She gave him Sarah “Sally” (1767-?), Eunice (1769-1854), Joseph (1771-1853), Mehitable (1778-1860). In 1790, the family residence is in Machias, Washington County, Maine. Sarah died in 1799.

from “Notes about Machias with some account of its first settlers” Maine Historical Magazine:

In 1764 65 66 other settlers arrived Daniel Elliot ,Joseph Holmes, Dea Joseph Libby, Ebenezer Libby, Benjamin Foster Jr, Joseph Sevey, Joseph Muuson, Joseph Balch, Ezekiel Foster, Joseph Getchell, Benjamin Foss, Gideon O Brien, all of Scarborough; John Underwood from Kittery merchant ,Jonathan Longfellow from Cornwallis NS.

In 1765 the following persons from Scarborough also joined the colony at Machias ; Morris O’Brien, and his two sons, — Gideon and Jeremiah ; Daniel Elliot, Joseph Holmes, Jo.scph and Ebenezer Libby, Benjamin Frost. Joseph Sevey, Joseph Munson, Baloh, Ezekiel Foster, Joseph Getchcll.and Benjamin Foss. Of the names upon the petition to whom the township of Machias was granted, in 1770, there appear no less than 54 from Scarborough.

On June 12, 1775, Benjamin participated in the attack on the Margaretta – the first Naval battle of the Revolutionary war.

Service Record:  Foss, Benjamin. Private, Capt Stephen Smith’s (Seacoast) co.; enlisted Sept. 16, 1775; discharged Dec. 31, 1775; service, 3 mos. 22 days; company stationed at Machias; also, Capt. Joseph Libbie’s (9th) co., Col. Benjamin Foster’s (Lincoln Co.) regt.; enlisted June 23, 1777; discharged July 16, 1777; service, 23 days; company ordered on duty for defense of Machias and adjacent rivers when ship “Ambuscade” lay in the harbor; also, Capt. Stephen Smith’s co., Col. Benjamin Foster’s (Lincoln Co.) regt.; service between July 16, 1777, and date of discharge of company, Oct. 10, 1777, 13 days, at Machias when British ships lay in the harbor; also Capt. Reuben Dyer’s co.; enlisted July 29, 1777; discharged Nov. 24, 1777; service, 3 mos. 27 days; company raised for expedition against St. Johns, N.S., and Machias; also, certificate dated Machias, Dec. 12, 1777, signed by Capt. Reuben Dyer, stating that Capt. Stephen Smith, Muster Master for Lincoln Co., paid said Foss and others in Capt. Dyer’s co., the bounty allowed them for engaging to serve on the expedition against St. Johns; also, Private, Capt. Stephen Smith’s co., Col. Benjamin Foster’s regt., service between Dec. 4, 1778, and Jan. 4, 1779, 3 days, at Machias; also, Lieut. John Scott’s detachment, 6th Lincoln Co. regt.; service between Aug. 31, 1779, and Nov. 20, 1779, 11days, at Machias; roll endorsed “service at Penobscot.”

Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the Revolutionary War. A compilation from the archives, prepared and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth in accordance with chapter 100, resolves of 1891. (Vol. 5, p. 882). (1899). Boston, MA: Wright and Potter Print., State Printers.
On September 28, 1800, he married Hannah Miller in Machias, Washington County, Maine. She gave him Edward (1802-1883), Fannie (1805-?) and Margaret (1808-?). In 1800, 1810, 1820 and 1830 his residence is listed as Machias, Maine. He dies in 1830 in Machias. The Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots lists his grave at “Machias ME 54”.



Benjamin Foss (1742 – 1830) is your 5th great grandfather
Fannie Foss (1805 – ) daughter of Benjamin Foss
John Milton Roberts (1858 – 1939) son of Hiram Hills Roberts
Hazel Pearl Roberts (1900 – 1990) daughter of John Milton Roberts
Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003) daughter of Hazel Pearl Roberts

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