52 Ancestors #22: Tewksbury Pendleton

Tewksbury Pendleton, my fifth great-grandfather, was born 1787 in Deer Island, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada – and he died December 24, 1826 by drowning.

Map of Deer Island

Map of Deer Island

He is the son of Thomas Pendleton and Sarah Tewksbury, brother to Thomas, Dorcas, Sarah, Mary, Daniel, Elizabeth, Ward, Susan and Hannah Pendleton.

He married Sylvia Ewell sometime around 1812 – and she gave him daughter Mary on May 27, 1813 on Pendleton Island, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. Mary is my fourth great-grandmother who later married Henry Hooper in 1829.
After Mary came Abgail in 1814, Sarah in 1815, Rachel in 1817, Catherine in 1820, Ursula in 1823, the only son Tewksbury Jr. in 1826 and Eleanor in 1827. Eleanor was born after his death.

I cannot imagine how Sylvia felt, hearing her husband had drowned on Christmas Eve, leaving her pregnant with their eighth child. Most of the residents of Deer Island make their living as fisherman and lobstermen on the brutal tides of the Bay of Fundy.

Fishing boat and shed – Deer Island, NB


Old house – Deer Isle, NB


The early records of the New England Pendletons which appear in the following pages are based almost entirely upon Colonial, town, church, and county records, the originals of which for the most part were examined by the compiler during his business trips through New York and New England, or during his summer vacations. At the same time he was enabled to interview hundreds of people — from some of whom data could not have been obtained by letter — and to examine thousands of published genealogies, local histories and the like in the libraries of Boston. Albany, Buffalo, and New York.

This work was greatly simplified by the fact that Brian Pendleton was the only one of the name to establish a New England family. Consequently we did not experience the trials involved in separating the descendants of several unrelated ancestors bearing a common name. Indeed, outside of a few late comers, there is to-day but one other Pendleton family in the United States — that of Virginia, descended from Philip Pendleton who settled there in 1683.

Another factor to our advantage is to be found in the records of Westerly, R. I. — the town which may be regarded as the old home of the New England Pendletons. These records from the earliest settlement of the place down to the present day, are in a splendid state of preservation and include not only thousands of births, marriages, and deaths, but also a great wealth of probate matters, deeds, and minutes of town and council meetings — rich mines of information that
well repaid the careful working to which they were subjected. Nearly all the early Pendletons left wills or had administrations made upon their estates, so it would seem impossible to controvert any pedigree set down in this book.

-From “Brian Pendleton and his descendants, 1599-1910

Also from the above book:

691. Tewksbury 7 Pendleton (Thomas 6 , Thomas 5 , James*, Caleb 3 ), was born at Islesboro, or Northport, Me., and was drowned near Deer Island, N. B., 3 December, 1829 (or 24 December, 1826).

He married Sylvia Elwell, of Northport, Me., daughter of William and Urania (Wadsworth) Elwell. She was born at Islesboro, Me., 18 August, 1790.




Tewksbury Pendleton (1787 – 1826) is your 5th great grandfather
Mary Pendleton (1813 – 1892) daughter of Tewksbury Pendleton
John Andrew Hooper (1835 – 1910) son of Mary Pendleton
Laura Emma Hooper (1858 – 1935) daughter of John Andrew Hooper
Harry Nelson Reynolds (1896 – 1963) son of Laura Emma Hooper
Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003) daughter of Harry Nelson Reynolds  – my maternal grandmother.


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7 Responses to 52 Ancestors #22: Tewksbury Pendleton

  1. Richard Pendleton says:

    Thank you. My name is Richard Pendleton and it is great to read about my family and where I came from.

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  3. doug waite says:

    my name is doug waite my grand farther was clifford pendleton from ward pendleton

  4. Cheryl ann Knepper says:

    Was Tewksbury first name Samuel?

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