52 Ancestors: #19 Nathaniel Cox, Revolutionary War Hero

Nathaniel Cox was born November 1741 in Pembroke, Massachusetts to Edward Cox and his wife Rebecca.

On September 22, 1763, he married Hannah Mitchell in North Yarmouth, Maine. She soon gave him Anna in 1764, Edward in 1766, Rebecca in 1769 (my 5th gr.grandmother), Nathaniel in 1771, Sarah in 1775 (my 5th gr.grandmother), James in 1780, John in 1782 and Mary “Polly” in 1784.

Yes, Nathaniel is my 6th great grandfather…twice. One of his daughters – Rebecca, married my 5th gr.grandfather, David Reynolds – and his other daughter, Sarah, married my 5th gr.grandfather, Nathan Whitney.

From Pleasant River Families:

born November 1741 baptized May 10, 1752 Pembroke (now Hanson) MA; lived a few years at N. Yarmouth (1763-66), returned briefly to MA, then lived at Addison 1771-78, at Columbia Falls in 1793 where he sold his 1/8th interest in a lumbermill in September 1793, came to Edmunds Washington Co. ME 1799 after he sold his settler’s lot in Columbia to Joseph Patten for $300 [Washington Co Deed 2:300], died 1799 in Edmunds, Maine

Revolutionary War Service:

The Battle of Machias was fought June 11 & 12, 1775. The first naval battle of the American Revolution, the Battle of Machias saw the British lose Margaretta as well as five killed and three wounded. O’Brien’s losses numbered two killed and five wounded. Quickly building a makeshift navy, ships from Machias began intercepting British vessels off the coast. As a result of these efforts, the Machias fleet was taken into the Massachusetts State Navy with O’Brien as its commander. Seeking to eliminate the threat posed by the town, it was unsuccessfully attacked by the British in August 1777. (from http://tinyurl.com/kgrwmwd )

Nathaniel Cox was one of four men from Pleasant River who received 18 pounds of prize money from the capture of the Margaretta.

In a list “Revolutionary Soldiers to the Eastward” – a list of men mustered by Steven Smith, Muster Master, on the 24th day of July 1777, in Col. McCobb’s Regiment, Brigadier General Warner’s Brigade – Nathaniel Cox is listed.


Soldiers of the Eastward

Soldiers of the Eastward



Nathaniel Cox (1741 – 1799)
is your 6th great grandfather
daughter of Nathaniel Cox
son of Rebecca Cox
son of David Reynolds
son of Ephraim Weston Reynolds
son of Edgar Bliss Reynolds
daughter of Harry Nelson Reynolds

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4 Responses to 52 Ancestors: #19 Nathaniel Cox, Revolutionary War Hero

  1. greg lowell says:

    Trying to capture some of my heritage, including the geneaology of my great-grandfather Nathaniel Melvin Cox, who resided somewhere near Scituate, Mass. Nathaniel lived from 1858-1892. His wife Mary Emma Clark also died young – 1861-1890. They left behind 5 children, including my grandmother Gladys Cox.

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  3. Vanessa says:

    Nathaniel Cox is my 5th great grandfather. My grandmother was Gloria Cox from Dennysville, Maine. After doing a simple google search on her I have opened up a rich and interesting history about my family that I never knew existed. And it looks like we are related! 🙂

    • T.K. Eldridge says:

      What is your lineage from Nathaniel, Vanessa? I don’t have a Gloria in my tree…yet…so I’d like to see how it all fits.
      Nathaniel Cox (1741 – 1799)
      6th great-grandfather
      Rebecca Cox (1769 – 1844)
      daughter of Nathaniel Cox
      David Reynolds (1792 – 1864)
      son of Rebecca Cox
      Ephraim Weston Reynolds (1838 – 1906)
      son of David Reynolds
      Edgar Bliss Reynolds (1868 – 1923)
      son of Ephraim Weston Reynolds
      Harry Nelson Reynolds (1896 – 1963)
      son of Edgar Bliss Reynolds
      Helen Adelaide Reynolds (1920 – 2003)
      daughter of Harry Nelson Reynolds
      My mom, then me. Helen is my maternal grandmother.

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