52 Ancestors #15: Moses Branch, Revolutionary War Captain

UPDATE: Moses is NOT my great-grandfather. When researching for Abigail Tucker Branch – I found the transcriptions for the Old Plainfield Cemetery that listed this : “Branch, Abigail, daughter of Moses & Abigail, died Mar. 19, 1804, age 39 yrs” – which means the Abigail Branch Hooper connection is not the same Abigail Branch as Moses’s daughter. 


Moses Branch, my 6th great-grandfather, was born March 13, 1731 in Preston City, New London, Connecticut to Thomas Branch and Zipporah Kinne Branch. Fourth born of eleven children – he was the second born son. On April 21, 1757 in the New Haven Second Church, in New London, CT, he married Abigail Tucker, the daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Belcher) Tucker of Preston, CT. Abigail was the sixth born of seven children and the third daughter. Abigail gave him a daughter, Sarah, in July of 1758, a son Elisha in June of 1761, a daughter, Abigail, in October of 1764 (my 5th great-grandmother), sons Moses in August 1768, Terah in August 1771 and Ezra in September 1773, all born in Preston. Moses served in the Revolutionary War as evidenced by the various documents listing his information. Record of Service of CT Men in the Rev War capt branchs company The Record of Connecticut Men in the Military and Naval Services During the War of the Revolution, 1775-1783. Henry P. Johnston, AM. Hartford, 1889. p 20 Respondents to the Lexington Alarm from the town of Preston, CT – Moses Branch. p 527 Col Johnson’s Regiment, militia service during 1778, Captain Moses Branch’s Company: Moses Branch, captain, commissioned Jan’y 1st, AD 1778 Supplement to the above p 362, Volume II; Connecticut Historical Society; Clearfield Press, referencing State Library, Drake Papers, 32. “A Pay Roll of Capt Moses Branch’s Company in Col Johnson’s Regiment of Militia from the State of Connecticut now in Servie in the State of Rhode Island from the First of February 1778 until the 15th of March 1778 both Days Inclusive…. Moses Branch bill of expenses, 1779 June 25. Summary: Bill submitted by Branch to the Connecticut Militia for one bowl of grog consumed at a tavern in Plainfield, Conn. In 1790 his residence is listed as Plainfield, CT and his death is recorded in the CT Death and Burials Index as 1819 in Sterling, CT. capt moses branch He was buried in the Old Plainfield Cemetery.   ————————————— Moses Branch ,Captain (1731 – 1819) is your 6th great grandfather Abigail Branch (1764 – 1848) daughter of Moses Branch ,Captain Henry Hooper (1806 – 1888) son of Abigail Branch John Andrew Hooper (1835 – 1910) son of Henry Hooper Laura Emma Hooper (1858 – 1935) daughter of John Andrew Hooper Harry Nelson Reynolds (1896 – 1963) son of Laura Emma Hooper Helen Adelaide Reynolds (my maternal grandmother) (1920 – 2003) daughter of Harry Nelson Reynolds


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