52 Ancestors: #14 Nathaniel Green Smith, one of a set of triplets [UPDATED]

Nathaniel Green Smith who often went by the name “Green” was my 4th great-grandfather.

Born November 29, 1781 in Ashford, Windham, CT to Ebenezer Smith and Martha Eldredge, he was one of a set of triplets with brothers George Washington Smith and Jonathan Trumbull Smith. He and his brothers were the sixth, seventh and eighth children born to Ebenezer and Martha, with four more children born after them.

Five generations earlier, their ancestors came over on the Mayflower – but that likely didn’t mean as much as being the son of a Revolutionary War veteran.

In 1816, Green married Irena Martin in Bridgewater, Vermont – and August 2 of 1816, his son, Ebenezer Trumbull Smith was born.  It looks like after Ebenezer’s birth, they went back to Ashford, Connecticut as Ebenezer married Phoebe Foy in Ashford in 1846.

Green died June 29, 1852 according to the Smith DNA Family Project. This is incorrect.
Family stories spoke of the triplets being named for the Revolutionary War generals – and Trumbull, Green’s brother, was written up in a Smith family history.

“Trumbull Smith, the first of the name of whom we have record, was born in Connecticut, Nov. 29, 1782, died at Constablville, N.Y., March 9, 1862. He was of English stock. He was a triplet, one of three sons. General Wasington, when journeying through Connecticut on horseback, heard of the birth of the triplets, and varied his route to visit them. On invitation of the parents he named the children, one after his close friend Governor Trumbull, one after one of his generals, Nathaniel Greene, and the other for himself, George Washington. He presented each with an English gold sovereign.”

Some newly released and digitized records brought me some new information. I have a “Green Smith” and “Irena Smith” in the New York State Census for 1855 – the birth years are correct, the location of birth is Connecticut, and a son, Joseph Martin Smith is also listed as living with them in Austerlitz, Columbia, New York.

Further research brought the discovery of Green’s death on June 1860 in Litchfield County, Connecticut of ‘enteritis’.

They are also in the 1850 Federal census for Austerlitz, NY.


Nathaniel Green Smith (1781 – 1816) is your 4th great grandfather
Ebenezer Trumbull Smith (1816 – 1875) son of Nathaniel Green Smith
Elvira May Smith (1857 – 1927) daughter of Ebenezer Trumbull Smith
Olive May Lougee (1883 – 1956) daughter of Elvira May Smith
Lester Fremont Eldredge (1909 – 1991) son of Olive May Lougee
Charles Sherwood Eldridge (1938 – 2013) son of Lester Fremont Eldredge



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