52 Ancestors #6: Hiram Hills Roberts

Hiram Hills Roberts, my third-great-grandfather, was born April 7, 1827 in Machias, Washington County, Maine. He was born to John Allen Roberts and Fannie Foss.
On February 22, 1852, he married Mary Ann Wilder in Northfield, Washington County, Maine.
In March of 1852, their first son was born, Daniel Wellington Roberts. William Hiram was born in 1854, Frances Anna was born in 1856 and her twin brother Francis joined her. John Milton was born in 1858, Charles E. was born in 1860 and Hiram Hills Jr. was born June 12, 1863. Hiram Sr never saw his youngest son. He died August 20, 1863 in Bellefontaine, Logan County, Ohio.

Hiram served in the Civil War – along with his brothers, William Henry (1828-1915), Silas T. (1834-1862), Josiah (1835 – (aft 1890)?) and Lewis I. (1846-1891)

Silas’s death was documented: “Sometime in February an expedition was organized to take Fernandina, Florida. The 3rd Brigade, to which the 9th Maine belonged, was the one selected to go. The 9th Maine sailed in the steamer Star of the South, with two companies, D & H, on the schooner Sarah Collins of Baltimore. The ships laid in Ossabaw Sound, Ga three weeks waiting for gunboats[6]. Here Company H lost a man by drowning. He was in the hospital on the steamer when in the night he either was insane or he blundered out of the hatchway (his name was Roberts).” http://www.kinquest.com/usgenealogy/civilwar/9thMaine.php

From a sworn statement by his brother, Lewis:

I Lewis Roberts of Northfield Washington County State of Maine do hereby certify and say that I was a private in Co. H 28th Maine Regiment – that my brother Hiram H. Roberts was also a private in said Co H – that on or about the fourteenth day of August As 1863 whilst the regiment was returning from Louisiana to Augusta Maine where it was finally discharged the said Hiram H. Roberts was very sick so that it was deemed advisable and necessary by the officers in command to leave the said Hiram H at Bellfontaine State of Ohio – said Hiram H was left at said Bellefontaine and I was left also to take care of him -that I did take care of said Hiram H till the twentieth day of said August when he died – I was with him when he died and know that he died of a disease contracted in the service of the United States and in the line of duty – his disease was diarhea and jaundice.

Lewis Roberts
Hiram’s wife was left with five surviving children under the age of 12. In August of 1866, Mary Ann married William N. Miller and became mother to the eight children that survived from his first wife and the influenza plague of 1865, bringing the total to thirteen – further giving him three more daughters and a son – Adria 1866, Abigail 1869, Lizzie 1871 and William in 1874.

William N Miller (1814-1878) and his first wife, Maryan Elizabeth Hayward (1822-1865) had had 14 children. Rachel (1840-1852), Margaret J. (1842-1870), George Henry (1843-1888), Samuel H. (1845-?) John II, (1846-1848), Mary E. (1850-?), Azubah H. (1852-1865), Adra (1854-1865), Josiah F. (1856-?), Sarah (1857-?), William Jr. (1860-1865), Elizabeth (1861-?), John William (1862-1863), Clara M. (1863-?)
Whenever I think of Hiram, I think of family loyalty and of unfinished business. He stuck by his family, he fought for the Union and then he left his family without his love and support when he died. A son he never saw…children he never got to raise…talk about unfinished business.

Hiram roberts


Added 4/13/2014: A link to Hiram’s civil war records and pension files can be found here.


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