52 Ancestors #5: Olive May Lougee Eldredge

Olive May was born October 27, 1883 in Parsonsfield, Maine to Louis Fremont Lougee and Elvira May Smith.

Olive was the mother of my grandfather, Lester Fremont Eldredge – and my father’s grandmother.

Parsonsfield had been the home of Olive’s ancestors since before its founding in 1785.

Lougee beginnings

On October 25, 1905, she married Willard Holt Eldredge in Westford, Massachusetts.  She gave him six children – five sons and one daughter. The daughter, Hazel Irene, only lived four months.    Howard Willard born in 1907, Lester Fremont born in 1909, Hazel Irene 1910, Walter S. born in 1912, Louis W. born in 1912 and Charles G. born in 1914.

1930 Eldredge Family

In 1910, the family lived in New London, Connecticut. In 1920, they were in Waterford, Connecticut, but they were back in New London in 1924.  In 1940 they were in Old Lyme, Connecticut where she lived until her death on January 9, 1956.

I had a copy of a letter she wrote where she was discussing the family history, but after years of research, I learned that she had missed a generation or two and had a couple of the stories mixed up – but a good portion of the information was a good lead to the truth.   One of the best was about her great-grandfather who was one of a set of triplets – and the three boys were named for Revolutionary war generals that had spent many hours in the family’s tavern in Ashford, Connecticut.  His name was Nathaniel Green Smith – called “Green”. Perhaps one of my next stories will be about him and his brothers – George Washington Smith and Jonathan Trumbull Smith.

My father lived with Olive and Willard while he was in high school. It was the first stable home with family he had had since he was three – and for that, I will always thank her – even though I never got to meet her.

Olive May Lougee Eldredge - Chuck's grandmother


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