52 Ancestors #3: Laura Emma Hooper Reynolds

Laura Emma Hooper was born in April 1858 in Machias, Maine – the daughter of John Andrew Hooper and Mary Abigail Blyather.
She married Merritt Emerson Davis October 14, 1884 in Machias- and he died in 1888 leaving her with two children, George and Myrtie.

Laura Hooper Reynolds & Edgar Reynolds

Laura Hooper Reynolds & Edgar Reynolds

She married Edgar Bliss Reynolds on October 4, 1891 in Machias – and they were together until his death in 1923. With Edgar, she had eight children – Edgar Jesse in 1891, Charles Celest in 1893, George Benjamin in 1894, Annie in 1894, Harry Nelson in 1896, Andrew John in 1898, Dora Lovina in 1902 and Mary Abagail in 1904.

At some point in the early 1900’s, Edgar was injured working logging/lumber mills in the Machias area (Where Edgar met and married Annie Roberts) .  He became addicted to laudanum and, for a while, they could get it legally in Maine.  Once the  Pure Food & Drug Actf of 1906 was passed – they had to get it through Canada.  When that became difficult, they moved to Woodland, ME ..where George Benjamin met his wife Vera Morse, then to Sebago, ME where Dora met her husband John Dolloff.

Then it was on to Everett, where Harry met Hazel Roberts (Annie’s sister and my great-grandmother) and married her –  and then South Hadley, Massachusetts where they are listed in the census in 1920, and then in Killingly, Connecticut in 1930.

While they were in Everett, Harry and George were on a motorcycle and the chain fell off. Harry knelt down in the street to fix the chain, and a taxi hit him and dragged him down the street. As a result of the accident, he lost a kneecap. There was a lawsuit and a settlement and with that money, the family purchased a farm in Danielson.

Harry didn’t like farming as much, so they took a corner of the land and gave it to Harry – and he built a farmhouse for himself and Hazel.

My mom inherited several acres when my great-grandmother Hazel passed away. My parents bought back a few more acres – so the land is still in the family. Some of it. A highway now runs through part of it.

Frontage Road

Frontage Road

When I was a child, my parents and I lived in the second farmhouse for a while, the one Harry Jr. built –  while Dad was in college.  I have some great memories of playing on that wrap-around porch. The house has since been sold – and it is well loved and cared for by the new owners.

It is difficult to find someone to say much nice about Laura. They tend to say she was a stone-cold, hard  and bitter woman – and considering how much she moved, and how she had to raise all those children with a disabled, drug-addicted husband, it is my belief that she was just one very strong and driven woman.

She died in 1935 in Danielson, Connecticut and is buried beside her husband who died in 1923.

Graff & Reynolds graves

Graff & Reynolds graves

Laura Hooper Reynolds stone

Laura Hooper Reynolds stone

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