Singing their songs, telling their stories

When people ask why I do genealogy research, the answer is easy. I do it to tell the stories.  I was started on this path when I was around ten or twelve. It was at one of the Roberts’ family reunions and I was trying to keep straight who belonged to which member.

Nana Hazel (Hazel Pearl Roberts Reynolds) was one of thirteen children born to John Milton Roberts and Carrie Evelyn Hawkins.  At this particularly reunion there were over 350 attendees and as you can imagine it was a bit mind-boggling to figure out which kids belonged to which family.  Nana sat me down and started telling me about her siblings and who they had married and which kids – and grandkids – belonged to which family.

I was on another blog for ancestry – and I saw this quote – and it is so very true.  We sing their songs – we tell their stories – and keep them alive by sharing our memories.

… we stand before you now, your living legacy, the flesh and blood of our collective dreaming, and we realize with a knowing deeper than the flow of human blood in human veins that we are part of somethingbetter, truer, deeper.

We speak your names.
We speak your names.

                                    “We Speak Your Names” Pearl Cleage, pg. 15

roberts family - john and carrie anniversary

Carrie & John Roberts & their children on their 50th Wedding Anniversary – July 24, 1936


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